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James Freeman | Solutions Architect and Author

James Freeman on his career in hardware, infrastructure architecture, authoring books on Ansible, and being an empowerment coach!
  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:42 Career history
  • 02:03 Key to promotion
  • 04:12 Avoiding imposter syndrome
  • 06:26 Becoming an empowerment coach
  • 09:10 How you become a published Tech author
  • 12:34 What do you realize after your first book is released
  • 14:35 The Ansible books James has written
  • 18:00 Lesson learned from not communicating needs
  • 19:00 Favourite career highlight
  • 20:05 Joke of the Show!

You can find James' books on Ansible here:

Practical Ansible 2

Hands-On Enterprise Automation on Linux

Mastering Ansible

And James' work as an Empowerment Coach here:

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