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Offers from top-tier tech companies, inclusivity, mentoring others - Danielle Vass | Android Developer

Building SDKs, being a Woman in Tech, lessons learned mentoring developers and examining the pipeline of Senior Developers/Engineers
  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:50 Danielle's career overview
  • 04:40 Difference between being an engineer and creating tools for engineers
  • 06:06 Rejecting Twitter, accepting Facebook, then leaving Facebook!
  • 08:20 Staying connected to the industry during lockdown
  • 10:14 Dealing with challenges as a woman in Tech
  • 11:24 Staying motivated with others
  • 12:30 Lessons learned mentoring other developers
  • 13:58 Passion for mentoring
  • 14:58 Effect of lockdown on developers, lack of seniors in pipeline
  • 16:10 The Joke of the Show!

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