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Working at Microsoft China and USA, Recruiting Tech - Emre Demokan

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:06 Moving to work in China
  • 02:50 Building up Microsoft in China
  • 06:30 Insider view on changing market and consumer opinions on Microsoft
  • 08:24 Not giving too much away to the competition when recruiting
  • 10:35 Diversity and Inclusion at Microsoft
  • 12:50 Moving on from Microsoft
  • 14:25 Bounds of Technical growth
  • 15:29 What does
  • 17:44 AI and filtering of CVs/resumes
  • 19:35 AI and CV Match Scores
  • 20:30 Removal of recruitment/hiring bias with Tech
  • 23:24 Next frontier for Recruitment Tech
  • 25:10 Joke of the Show!

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